Mini-Workshop on “Hardware/Software Interfaces”

  • Venue:


  • Date:

    October 27-28, 2011

  • Program Chair:

    Michael Engel,
    Peter Marwedel,
    Marco Platzner

  • The mini-workshop focused on the interfaces between hardware and software relevant for error handling
    approaches. These are of special importance since the SPP considers errors on the hardware
    side, however, the effects of errors in most cases show up on the software side. Thus, there are
    interesting trade-offs to analyze between hardware and software when implementing efficient error
    detection and correction methods.
    Altogether, there were more than 20 SPP project members attending. The workshop consisted of
    five talks by SPP project members from Dresden, Munich, Karlsruhe, and Dortmund, an invited talk
    by one of the co-organizers of a project on self-stabilization properties for embedded software, in
    which Michael Engel (FEHLER project, TU Dortmund) is one of the principal investigators, as well
    as several discussion sessions. Results of the workshop include a better common understanding
    of the interfaces, especially considering the system software as a moderator between hardware and
    software. In addition, interesting discussions ensued on consequences for the RAP model. The
    ideas presented in the talk by Michael Engel also resulted in a publication at the Design for Reliability
    Workshop (DFR) at the HiPEAC conference 2012 in Paris in January 2012.

  • Place:

    Dortmund, Germany

  • Year: