Data Protection

The goal of this priority program is to develop new methods and architectures at system level as to eliminate the effects associated when migrating to new technology nodes like malfunctioning, performance degradation, and increased power consumption. The five columns of research are:

  • Technology Abstraction
  • Dependable Hardware Architectures
  • Dependable Embedded Software
  • Design Methods
  • Operation, Observation, Adaptation


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Prof. Jörg Henkel (Coordinator)  
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  


Prof. Oliver Bringmann
Uni Tübingen


Prof. Andreas Herkersdorf
TU München


Prof. Wolfgang Rosenstiel
Uni Tübingen


Prof. Norbert Wehn
TU Kaiserslautern


Welcome to the DFG Priority Program SPP 1500

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Events with Contributions from the SPP 1500

Event Type Title Speaker Place Date
SPP 1500 Colloquium Dortmund, Germany March 23, 2016
Mini-Workshop SPP 1500 internal Munich, Germany January 8, 2016
Workshop Amsterdam, the Netherlands October 8, 2015
Keynote Talk Jörg Henkel Tehran, Iran October 8, 2015
Workshop Munich, Germany July 20, 2015
Talk Marilyn Wolf Karlsruhe, Germany November 17, 2014
SPP 1500 Colloquium München, Germany November 13, 2014
Keynote Talk Jörg Henkel Seoul, Korea October 19, 2014
Special Session New Delhi, India October 13, 2014
Special Session New Delhi, India October 13, 2014
Talk Sani Nassif Karlsruhe, Germany September 1, 2014
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