Mini-Workshop “WG Architecture”

  • Venue:

    TU Munich

  • Date:

    May 23-24, 2011

  • Program Chair:

    Andreas Herkersdorf

  • Plan:
    The agenda for this SPP1500 mini-workshop included the following topics:

    • Discussion about base platform parts that can be shared between two or more SPP1500
      projects and demonstrator(s).
    • Identification of common ground with respect to the dependability methods used in the different
    • Definition and categorisation of interaction between HW/SW layer techniques.


    • Update of the research and cooperation interests (codified in excel sheet).
    • Some projects can share platform elements, but overall integrated platform/demonstrator(s) is not feasible due to different requirements (discussion was continued on SPP meeting in Stuttgart - see slides from Prof. Herkersdorf  there).
    • Discussion of interaction between HW/SW layer techniques led to the conception of the RAP model with the blit-flip as central point of focus (continued on following workshops and SPP meeting in Stuttgart).
  • Place:

    Munich, Germany

  • Year: