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Mini-Workshop Munich

Mini-Workshop Munich

Mini-Workshop Munich




TU Munich,

80290 Munich, Germany


Monday / Tuesday, May 23./24.

Project Leader:

Prof. Andreas Herkersdorf, TU Munich

Prof. Norbert Wehn, TU Kaiserslautern


Dependable Architecture Platforms

The date for the one-and-a-half-day Architecture Working Group Workshop at TU Munich has now been fixed to:

Monday / Tuesday, May 23./24.


Please mark your calendars accordingly. Starting time of the workshop will be 1:00pm on Monday, 23.05.2011 (for those who are around already at 12:00am and would like to join us for lunch, please do let Holm know). Workshop finishes around 03:00pm on the following Tuesday. A mail with detailed information on the seminar room, directions and hotel recommendations will be distributed shortly.


Topics to be discussed are:

  • Base platforms that can be shared among two or more SPP 1500 projects and demonstrator(s). This topic basically addresses Layer 1 of the architecture overview matrix we compiled in form of the Excel sheet.
    Background: Multiple projects consider homogeneous / heterogeneous, reconfigurable / ASIC-type multicore architectures. Despite the project specifics and differences that do exist, can we identify a common denominator platform that would also allow a partial transfer or reuse of results among different projects?
  • What common ground exists with respect to the dependability methods used in the different projects? What dependencies (if any) do dependability methods have towards their respective HW/SW platforms? Similar background and motivation as for point 1/.
  • Interaction between HW/SW Layer techniques -- HW-SW error mitigation and associate costs were briefly discussed at our Kick-off meeting. We agreed to investigate this topic in greater depth and eventually compile a report on this cross-sectoral topic.


Also, be reminded to send a title and short abstract (5 lines) of your contribution to the workshop to Holm Rauchfuss (