Mini-Workshop on "Current Application and Future Evolution of the RAP model"

January, 2016

NSF Variability Expedition / DFG SPP 1500 announce collaboration

May, 2014

nsf logo NSF expects to award a small number of supplements (up to $20,000) to current NSF awards to enable US-based researchers to collaborate with Germany-based researchers (who are currently funded by DFG) on topics that fit the Design Automation part of the Software Hardware Foundations program of the CISE Division on Computing and Communication Foundations. NSF encourages new collaborations, and, as part of this initiative, also hopes to make strong topical connections to DFG's priority program on "Design and Architectures of Dependable Embedded Systems." Investigators interested in applying for such a supplement are required to submit a brief one paragraph description of the proposed joint research via email to the cognizant program director Sankar Basu (sabasu∂ by cob June 30, 2014. The email also should include the name(s) of their intended collaborator(s). NSF may share these descriptions with the DFG. The investigators will be provided with feedback regarding how well their request fits the priorities of NSF and DFG and, where appropriate, be invited to submit a standard supplemental funding request in accordance with NSF's Award and Administration Guide I.E.4.
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