Dark Silicon and Dependability

  • Venue:

    The 18th CSI International Symposium on Computer Architecture & Digital Systems (CADS 2015)

  • Date:

    October 8, 2015

  • Speaker:

    Jörg Henkel

  • Abstract

    Dependability is a major design concern as device scaling approaches its limits. Smaller feature sizes lead to higher susceptibility to soft errors, higher process variability and to an accelerated aging of devices. The latter is directly related to temperature, which is responsible for various causes of degradation effects like electro migration, NBTI etc. High on-chip temperature, through high power densities, will enforce to keep some on-chip components idle or at least to prohibit operating them simultaneously at full speed. That is called “Dark Silicon”.
    The talk starts by giving an introduction to various reliability jeopardizing effects like aging, the impact temperature has on these and the discontinuation of Dennard Scaling. After presenting some of the newest research results on the inter-relationship between aging effects, the talk focuses on various techniques to enhance dependability of on-chip systems in the upcoming dark silicon era.

  • Place:

    Tehran, Iran

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