VLSI EDA 2.0: Life past Moore as we await the Nano Savior

  • Date:

    September 1, 2014

  • Speaker:

    Sani Nassif

  • Abstract

    VLSI and EDA are in a state of flux. Many of the classical problems are largely solved, and with the slowdown of technology advancement for large parts of the system design community, new problems are more rare and -where they do exist- matter to a smaller number of potential customers. Simultaneously, value creation has been migrating to higher levels of abstraction… (e.g. Apple is 3 times the market cap of Intel). So what does this mean for VLSI and EDA? This talk will explore this topic, offer some anecdotal evidence for the move from device-level innovation to system-level innovation, and draw some conclusions concerning future EDA careers based on current trends.

  • Place:

    Karlsruhe, Germany