W9 International Workshop on Software Approaches to Resilient System Design

  • Name:Workshop on Software Approaches to Resilient System Design
  • Venue:

    Design, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE)

  • Date:

    March 22, 2013

  • Program Chair: Puneet Gupta (UCLA), Jörg Henkel (KIT), Medhi Tahoori (KIT)
  • Embedded systems are integrated into our daily lives, thanks to improvement in the VLSI technology. However, this trend is facing serious challenges, both at device and system levels. At nanoscale device-level, a host of vulnerabilities influence the robustness, reliability, and availability of embedded and critical systems. At the other end of the spectrum, embedded systems are seeing a tremendous increase in software content. Whereas traditional software design paradigms have assumed that the underlying hardware is fully predictable and error-free, there is now a critical need to build a software stack that is responsive to variations, and resilient against emerging vulnerabilities in the underlying hardware.

    The objective of this workshop is to bring the attention of design automation community to the multi-level reliability challenges and solutions and possible paradigm shift to consider reliability throughout the design flow, from circuit to system. In addition, this workshop tries to synchronize various existing coordinated research programs on dependability which are currently underway worldwide to deal with these challenges. The goal is to have further collaborations among these programs such that the overall design and test automation community can benefit more from their outcomes.