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Fifth International Workshop on Cross-layer Resiliency (IWCR 2017)

Fifth International Workshop on Cross-layer Resiliency (IWCR 2017)

July 21-22, 2017


Seoul, South Korea


The objective of the workshop is to discuss reliability issues, state-of the-art, best practices, and innovative solutions to reliability challenges in computer system design. IWCR 2017 will include invited talks by industry experts, short presentations and posters from University researchers (including many whose research was funded by the leading funding agencies in Germany, Japan, UK, and the US), with significant time devoted to in-depth discussions in small breakout groups to identify key technical themes and opportunities for collaborations. We expect more than 100 attendees at the workshop.

Confirmed Speakers

Nikil Dutt, UC Irvine, USA

Jörg Henkel, KIT, Germany

Ulf Schlichtmann, TU Munich, Germany

Yiran Chen, Duke University, USA

Hidetoshi Onodera, Kyoto University, Japan

Masanori Hashimoto, Osaka University, Japan

Yongpan Liu, Tsinghua University, China

Soonhoi Ha, Seoul National University, South Korea

Naehyuck Chang, KAIST, South Korea

Yoning Park, Samsung Electronics, South Korea

Kangwon Lee, SK Telecom, South Korea

Jaeho Chang, Hyundai Autron, South Korea

Jooyoung Hwang, Samsung Electronics, South Korea