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VERFE Workshop at ARCS Conference “Dependability and Fault Tolerance”

VERFE Workshop at ARCS Conference “Dependability and Fault Tolerance”

Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS)


Munich, Germany


February 28, 2012

Program Chair:

Jörg Henkel,
Karl-Erwin Grosspietsch

9.15 Opening (J. Henkel)


9.30 Invited Talk

M.B. Tahoori (Karlsruhe)
Assessment and Mitigation of Runtime Failures: From Device to Systems


10.30 Coffee Break


11.00 Fault Diagnosis and Fault Correction in Hardware Systems

B. Fechner, A. Garbade, S. Weis, T. Ungerer (Augsburg)

Fault Localization in NoCs by Timed Heartbeat Messages

D. Neuhäuser, E. Zehendner (Jena)

Correction of Faulty Signal Transmission for Resilient Designs Signed-Digit Arithmetic


12.30 Lunch Break


13.30 Dependable Autonomous Systems

R. Maas, E. Meahle (Lübeck)

Fault Tolerant and Adaptive Path Planning in Crowded Environments for Mobile Robots Based on Hazard Estimation via Health Signals

K.-E. Großpietsch (Sankt Augustin), T.A. Silayeva (Moscow)

ART Networks as Flexible Means to Implement Dependability Properties in Autonomous Systems

R. Lill, F. Saglietti (Erlangen)

Model-based Testint of Autonomous Systems Based on Colored Petri Nets


15.00 Coffee Break


15.30 Fault-Tolerant Hardware Systems

S. Müller, M. Schölzel, H.T. Vierhaus (Cottbus)
Hierarchical Self-Repair in Heterogeneous Multi-Core Systems by Means of a Software-Based Reconfiguration

H. Rauchfuss, T. Wild, A. Herkersdorf (München)

Enhanced Reliability in Tiled Manycore Architectures through Transparent Task Relocation


16.30 Dependable Software

D. Obermann, J. Börcsök (Kassel)

Two-Way Compiler: Additional Data Saving for Generating the Original Source Code out of a Binary Program

F. Belli (Paderborn)

Verlässlichkeit bei Wiederverwendung von IT-Komponenten - Stand der Normaktivitäten